Convert Advantix and APS Film to Digital

APS Film Cartridge - Advanced Photo System

Despite their short prominence in the consumer-grade photography market, we convert thousands of APS images every year, which not only goes to show how popular they were for a short period of time, but also highlights how much space they take up in cupboards and cabinets around the home. Your APS footage could contain priceless memories that you quite rightly want to protect, so there is no better time than now to convert APS to digital and DVD.

How we scan APS film and convert to digital

Our digitisation process:

  1. Place a Memory Box order in the correct size for you. Each size has a guide on roughly what can be fit in.
  2. Choose an output format at the point of order too so we know how you want your images to be sent back. We have 4 output format options, including USB and DVD.
  3. The next day, your flatpack Memory Box will arrive. Assemble and place all your films and old media in there – we can do it all in one go for you. Check out all the formats we work with.
  4. Judicious and careful cleaning is done of the APS film once removed from the cartridge. As APS has been long discontinued, they have had more than enough time to gather dust and mould. While APS can be partially cleaned using soft brushes and compressed air, as they are contained within cassettes some dust can still show up in output images and may require additional ‘spotting’ during post-processing.
  5. High specification scanners scan the film to create high resolution images.
  6. Once digitise, the images will go through post-processing to remove any blemishes and improve image quality to create an authentic recreation.
  7. The digital files are transferred to your chosen output format.
  8. We send the digital images back to you along with all the originals.

Why should I digitally scan and convert my APS film?

Like VHS and MicroMV videocassettes, APS uses magnetic tapes to store footage – this footage on average degrades by up to 20% every 10 to 20 years. Consequently, your old APS tapes containing your cherished memories could eventually lose much of their quality or even vanish entirely. The sooner you transfer your APS to DVD and digital the better.

Converting APS to digital and DVD will conserve any old memories that are entombed in the footage of your deteriorating tapes. If you were to transfer APS footage to digital, not only would it free up plenty of space in your cupboards, shelves or the attic, you can also safely protect your memories for many, many more years to come. Transferring APS to DVD and digital also allows you to relive your memories on computer, laptop or your mobile, so you can take them with you wherever you go!

The best way to convert APS to Digital and DVD

Very few people have the correct equipment to digitise APS themselves. APS scanners are elusive, often too expensive and the process is truly monotonous – trust us on that one. Digitising APS through high street retailers is also more expensive and makes a far less personal gift than going through EachMoment. Whereas you would have to travel to a high street retailer who will present you with a blank disc in a transparent case containing your images, EachMoment will collect your APS images from your doorstep, convert them to digital and return them to you in a slick memory stick alongside an EachMoment DVD, all smartly packaged in one of our Memory Boxes, ready to be gifted or kept personally for years to come.

Why wait? Convert Your APS to digital now!

Once these steps are complete, your APS cassette is fully converted to digital and DVD, giving your images a new lease of life. It’s now time to relive your newly restored footage. Preserving your precious memories and gifting an EachMoment Memory Box to a friend or family member is an especially touching way to remind those closest to you how much you care about them. Whether it be a birthday, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s or Father’s Day, the memories enclosed in an EachMoment Memory Box always make the most thoughtful gift.

A Brief History of Advanced Photo System (APS) Film

APS (Advanced Photo System) was first produced in 1996 and was commonly associated with KODAK Advantix film cartridges that were used in low-end, fixed focus compact cameras of the time. Although the now discontinued format was short lived, it was a fail-safe system to those who struggled to load the more awkward 35mm cassettes into their cameras. Unfortunately, it seems that APS entered the market at the just wrong time as the dawn of digital photography soon condemned APS to obsolescence and into the history books.

Convert Advantix and APS Film to Digital
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