Our Pricing

Our Pricing

Select a Memory Box below or open our calculator and enter your items.

Select a Memory Box below or open our calculator and enter your items.

Kilo £49.99

Converts up to 3 tapes, reels, cassettes or 75 pictures to digital.

What’s included?

Mega £79.99

Converts up to 6 tapes, reels, cassettes or 150 pictures to digital.

What’s included?

Giga £149.99

Converts up to 12 tapes, reels, cassettes or 300 pictures to digital.

What’s included?

Extra £249.99

Converts up to 24 tapes, reels, cassettes or 600 pictures to digital.

What’s included?

Peta £449.99

Converts up to 48 tapes, reels, cassettes or 1200 pictures to digital.

What’s included?

What We Convert To

Conversion Format Options

Once we’ve converted your photos, films and sound recordings to digital files, we need to give them back to you! We have 4 options for you to choose from.

Read more about all our format options here.

EachMoment Standard USB Memory Stick: 8cm long metallic silver casing with EachMoment in black font.

Standard USB

The familiar memory stick. Plug into your computer, laptop or smart TV.

The Standard USB is our most popular choice. This format is highly recognisable and therefore easy to use. They are compatible with most laptops, desktops and modern smart TVs too, for fantastic ease of viewing and sharing.


Luxury USB

A precious keepsake that will make your loved one smile.

We know that memories are treasures that deserve the proper treatment. Beautifully presented and designed to last, our Luxury USB is the perfect answer to a special occasion.


Online Album

Keen on sharing and saving space? Our secure and fully digital option.

Once we’ve finished conversion, we will send you a secure link for streaming all your files that makes it all that much easier to share with friends and family.



Our most economical option, a set of compact discs.

We separate all your images onto one disc and videos onto another, making sure to properly label everything so you can navigate them easily straight from your DVD player or computer.

What our customers think

Why 10,000+ prefer high quality, exceptional customer service and an industry leading turnaround

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How it Works

As easy as can be

Infographic Showing the Memory Box process

EachMoment is our first choice for media conversion. Their doorstep collection service lets us quickly and securely collect old family history from contributors for our documentaries. The speed and quality always exceeds our expectations which makes them really easy to work with.


Why choose us?

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We ensure we have surplus staff and equipment. No order is ever ‘backlogged’. This is why we have industry leading order completion times.

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We clean each order before it’s converted using cutting edge scanners. Your media will return looking even better than it did before.

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We have a dedicated support team that know the process like the back of their hand. We’ll gladly answer all your questions as quick as a flash.

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From posting to conversion and back to you, each item is uniquely identified and tracked throughout the process. Peace of mind all round.

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We offer such competitive prices because our process is so refined. Do you need a big box? If your order gets bigger, so do our discounts.

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