Convert DAT Tapes to Digital

DAT Tape before being converted to digital

EachMoment are expert digitisers of DAT tapes and other audio cassette, including mini cassette, micro cassette, and reel-to-reel.

Preserve your recorded memories onto your USB memory stick, CD, or online album.

EachMoment’s Memory Box system is the UK’s safest way to digitise your DAT tapes.

  • Free collection and re-delivery by the UK’s most secure courier.
  • Free cleaning and restoration by our team of specialists.
  • Free crush-proof Memory Box.

How to Digitise DAT Tapes

1. Fill up a Memory Box

• The crush-proof Memory Box arrives on your doorstep the day after you make an order.

• You fill it with your old DAT tapes and much more. If you’re curious, you can check out everything else that we digitise.
• When you feel ready, we collect your Memory Box via the UK’s safest courier for free.

2. We digitise

Our lab’s specialist restoration team safely clean & repair every DAT tape that needs attention for free.

• We safely digitise your recorded memories to the best possible quality. Choose to enjoy them on memory stick, DVD, or online album.

• The same high-security courier returns your Memory Box with your safely preserved digital memories, as well as your old audio cassettes.

3. Enjoy your digital memories

Now you can easily share and relive your memories on any digital device, such as smartphone, tablet, computer, or TV.

• Laugh and cry when you get to hear old times and old voices brought to life again.
• Feel secure knowing that your memories are safe forever. They will sound as good in a hundred years as they do on the day they’re digitised, ready to be passed down the generations.

Why digitising DAT tapes is important

The sooner you transfer your DAT tapes to digital and CD the better – as Sony has ceased production of new recorders, it will become more difficult to play archived recordings in this format unless they are copied to digital.

Transferring your DAT tapes to digital and CD protects your cherished music and audio recordings. As well as liberating space in your cupboards and cabinets, you can put your trust in a format that will never degrade and won’t put your cherished memories at risk.

Converting DAT tapes to digital and CD also allows you to revive your old music or recordings by re-listening on your computer, laptop or your mobile, so you can take your musical memories with you wherever you go.

Why wait? Get your DAT tapes converted today!

Once these steps are complete, your DAT tape is fully converted to digital and CD, giving your audio a new lease of life. It’s now time gather the family to laugh and cry together as you relive memories.

Preserving your precious memories and gifting a Memory Box to a friend or family member is an especially touching way to remind those closest to you how much you care about them.

A Brief History of DAT Tapes

Digital Audio Tape (or DAT Tape) is a signal recording format introduced by Sony in 1987.

Although a similar shape to earlier compact cassette tapes, DAT tapes are half the size and record in digital rather than analogue. The technology of DAT is closely based on video recorders, using a rotating head and helical scan to record audio.

DAT tapes were intended as a replacement for analogue audio compact cassettes, but the format was never widely adopted by consumers because of its price tag, as well as concerns from the music industry about unauthorized high-quality copies.

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