Betamax to DVD, USB Stick or Cloud Album

Despite their relatively long absence from the home entertainment market, we can certainly vouch for people having stacks upon stacks of Betamax tapes occupying dark corners of the attic and collecting dust in cupboards and cabinets. Your tapes could be holding priceless memories that you quite rightly want to protect, so there is no better time than now to convert your Betamax tapes to digital and DVD.

How we convert Betamax to Digital

Our digitisation process:

  1. Calculate how many tapes you want converted to digital and select a Memory Box in the appropriate size. The smallest box takes up to 3 tapes and the largest can contain up to 48 tapes for conversion to digital. If you have a mixture of tapes, or you’re not sure which ones you have (VHS, Betacam, Betamax, U-Matic, etc) they can all be put in the same box and we’ll sort them.
  2. Decide what format you would like your tapes converted into: DVD, Standard USB, Luxury USB or Cloud album.
  3. The next working day, you’ll receive a pre-made, reinforced memory box. Fill it with your tapes and let us know when you are ready for collection via our online portal.
  4. We collect your Betamax tapes from your doorstep and track its delivery to us, safely and securely.
  5. Each tape is hand cleaned and assessed for damage. Tapes must be clean before going through our equipment to get the best quality video and is also the best way to protect the original tapes long-term, should you wish to retain them in storage.
  6. Tapes are put through our broadcast quality VCRs with Time Base Correction capabilities to correct syncing issues, prior to being formatted digitally.
  7. Once uploaded to a computer, the digital files can then be edited for colour and audio levels to bring it up to modern video standards.
  8. Files are transferred to your chosen output format (DVD, USB stick or Cloud album).
  9. The digital format and all the original Betamax tapes are repackaged in your Memory Box and sent back to you via courier.

Why should I convert my Betamax tapes to digital files?

Like VHS, Betamax use magnetic tapes to store footage – this footage can on average degrade by 20% over as little as every 10 years. Consequently, your old Betamax tapes containing your cherished memories could eventually lose much of their quality or even disappear entirely. The sooner you transfer your Betamax tapes to DVD and digital the better.

Converting your Betamax to digital and DVD will conserve any old memories that are buried in the footage of your decaying tapes. If you were to transfer Betamax tapes to digital, not only would it free up plenty of space, you can also safely protect your memories for many, many more years to come. Transferring Betamax tapes to DVD and digital allows you to re-watch and relive your Betamax footage on your computer, laptop or mobile, so you can take your cherished memories with you wherever you go!

The best way to digitise Betamax tapes

Individually digitising your Betamax to digital, DVD and USB yourself can be painstaking – we fully understand that it’s probably not what you want to do in your free time. Converting your Betamax tapes or old photos with EachMoment takes all the trouble out of this process. Preventing time taking its toll and degrading your footage by transferring your Betamax to digital and DVD is too straightforward to let pass. If you have any Betamax tapes or any old formats like VHS that you’d like preserved on DVD or digital which are accessible on your smartphone, TV and computer, we will collect your old photos and tapes from your doorstep, convert them to digital and return them to you in one of our Memory Boxes.


Throughout the digitisation process at EachMoment, we use only the best equipment for the job. All kinds of VCRs and VHS tapes are renowned for their ability to chew up and get chewed whilst going through playback and Betamax tapes are no different. That’s why we recommend getting experts to convert your Betamax tapes for you rather than attempting to do it yourself. Not only does it give the tapes the best chance of survival, it also saves you lots of time and money that would otherwise be spent seeking out and buying the appropriate equipment which is hard to come by in today’s media market.

We use only professional standard, broadcast-quality VCRs and service them regularly to ensure their smooth function.

Cassette cleaners are available to buy for consumers but they are not reliable and may well result in more damage. At EachMoment, we use TapeChek machines which are specifically designed for cleaning tapes. These are not produced anymore and are a rare piece of mechanical treasure that we treat with the utmost care.

Start converting your Betamax tapes today! Save space and rediscover history

Preserving your precious memories and gifting an EachMoment Memory Box to a friend or family member is an especially touching way to remind those closest to you how much you care about them. Whether it be a birthday, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s or Father’s Day, the memories enclosed in an EachMoment Memory Box always make the most thoughtful gift.

A Brief History of Betamax Tapes

Along with VHS, Betamax dominated the early home video entertainment market after it emerged in the mid-seventies. Ultimately, the larger and less appealing Betamax lost the videotape format war to the VHS – its closest rival. Throughout the nineteen-eighties, VHS and VCR players typically became the most popular format of home entertainment, leaving Betamax to fall into effective obsolescence. Surprisingly, however, Sony continued to produce Betamax recorders into the early two-thousands and only stopped selling Betamax cassettes in 2016.

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