What is the best way to store family memories?


The memories you make with family are some of the defining moments of our lives. You do your best to commemorate them, preserving them in the form of family photos and films. You diligently fill photo albums and label tapes so you can look back on the memories made years, decades and generations later.

But over time, photo albums fall apart, dusty and mouldy tapes lose their magnetism and films get overexposed, leaving your family memories in danger of being forgotten. Not only that but decades of memories have a habit of taking up space. Cluttered attics, back rooms and cupboards get filled with boxed photo collections and tapes, leaving less space for new memories.

That’s where we come in. Here at EachMoment, we take care of your memories and help declutter your home, by consolidating your photos and films onto a neat digital storage alternative. Choose from a memory stick, DVD or cloud album and you’ll have a digital gallery to share with the next generation.

We can help preserve your family memorabilia

We take so much pride in restoring the memories you created before and, in the act of reliving them, perhaps make some new memories too.

As photography techniques have evolved and become more accessible to domestic and hobbyist photographers, the average family has gathered their own legacy of photographs and films in a huge range of formats. Prints, cine films, VHS tapes, cassettes and other miscellaneous obsolete formats can all be collected together in one of our handy Memory Boxes. Not only will we organise for your archives to be collected from your home, we’ll return it all to you as part of the offer.

Quantity is not a concern. Just pick the Memory Box in the right size for you and fill it with everything you want digitised – mix together prints, films and slides, it’s no problem. We’ll convert everything into one single consignment, a digital keepsake delivered to your door. Find out what formats we can digitise by clicking here.

Most Popular Digital Storage Options

What we recommend for storing your family memories

Of all the possible storage options available, we’ve selected the ones we think are best for our customers. Selecting the ones that are most practical for making copies and for sharing with others. We encourage you to pick the format that’s right for you and we will do everything we can to ensure that whatever you choose will arrive well labelled and ready for use immediately upon receipt.

Standard USB

Starting from £8.99

The Standard USB is the most popular choice for our customers here at EachMoment. The familiar memory stick format continues to be one of the most practical digital storage solutions. It is a neat and compact option that makes for ease of viewing, copying and distributing. A USB or flashdrive can be easily plugged into most laptops and smart TVs, making it incredibly easy to set up a family viewing session to reminisce.

EachMoment Standard USB Memory Stick: 8cm long metallic silver casing with EachMoment in black font.

Luxury USB

Starting from £11.99

Our Luxury USB is our answer to family gift-giving. Boasting secure and safe storage as well as attractive presentation, it really is a present to remember that will last for decades. Our beautifully packaged EachMoment Luxury USB stick will be delivered together with all your returned photos, reels and VHS tapes as part of our Memory Box process. And as with any memory stick, you can plug it straight into your computer or smart TV to watch your memories played back together.


Online (Cloud-Based) Album

Starting from £7.99

If you’re looking to make a real dent in your storage space then why not go fully digital with our Online Album option, available worldwide from any device? Once we’ve digitised all of your photo albums and cassettes, we e-mail you a link to a password-protected folder to access over the internet. From there you can stream your family films and portraits at your leisure. You could also share the same link with friends and family, download to your own desktop storage or move the folder into your own personal cloud storage.



Starting from £4.99

The DVD format, although becoming obsolete, is still a reliable choice for digital image storage. We create a hard encoded DVD that can be played like any other DVD. Images can be easily navigated and viewed like a slide-show, while videos are put onto their own disc to view as you would any film. If you choose this option, make sure you have a device that can read the DVD, for example a DVD player or a desktop computer with a DVD drive.


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