Transfer MicroMV Tapes to Digital

MicroMV tapes were insurgent within the home camcorder market in the early 2000s. These tiny videotape formats were produced by Sony but were largely unsuccessful. But across the UK, hundreds of families committed real life moments to MicroMV memory. Rather than leaving them to degrade on these mini tapes, why not take the opportunity to convert them to digital and give them new life?

EachMoment can convert all your home videos to digital, no matter the format. We convert a huge range of analogue formats to digital with our Memory Box packages.

How we convert MicroMV to digital formats

Our digitisation process:

  1. Tell us how many MicroMV tapes you need to digitise by selecting a Memory Box in the right size. There are 5 sizes to choose from, starting with 3 or less for our Kilo box and ending with our Peta box if you’ve got 25-48 tapes. Got more tapes than that?
  2. Tell us what format you’d like your files stored on: USB stick, DVD set or cloud album. Select our Luxury USB stick for the perfect gift.
  3. We get a premade, reinforced Memory Box delivered to you the next working day. Fill it with your MicroMV tapes and let us know when you’re ready for collection via our online portal.
  4. Our couriers collect the memory box from you and we track its journey from your door to ours.
  5. Each tape is carefully dusted and cleaned before being passed through our cassette players and digitally formatted. We regularly service our broadcast-quality players to give you the best quality.
  6. Image and sound is edited with our software to bring quality up to modern standards.
  7. The digital videos are transferred to your chosen output format, repackaged with all your tapes in your Memory Box and sent back to you.
  8. Our couriers deliver all your rejuvenated media to your doorstep, ready for viewing on your laptop or smart TV.

Why is digitisation the best way to preserve my MicroMV tapes?

The best way to convert MicroMV tapes to digital

MicroMV tapes, camcorders and players have been out of production since 2016. With each year that passes, the technology needed to play old MicroMV tapes becomes more unobtainable. Meanwhile, the tapes degrade, leaving your memories vulnerable to deletion.

Converting old tapes to digital files is a laborious process and can lead to irretrievable damage as a result of improper care or subpar equipment.

At EachMoment, we source the hard to come by equipment for you, saving you money. Our experts will treat all your tapes with the care and attention your memories deserve.

And we can do all your tapes in one go, no matter what format they come in.

Start saving your memories today – EachMoment converts all tapes to digital

It’s time to relive your newly restored footage. Preserving your precious memories and gifting an EachMoment Memory Box to a friend or family member is an especially touching way to remind those closest to you how much you care about them. Whether it be a birthday, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s or Father’s Day, the memories enclosed in an EachMoment Memory Box always make the most thoughtful gift. 

A Brief History of MicroMV Tapes

When MicroMV tapes burst onto the scene in 2001, it seemed they could have made a long-lasting impact on the home video and camcorder market. At the time, it was the most compact videotape – 70% smaller than the MiniDV tapes which were then the most popular format of its kind. At just under two inches in diameter and able to hold an hour of film, MicroMV tapes appeared to signal a revolution in compact video tapes in terms of their size.

MicroMV tapes, however, were largely unsuccessful. Sony, the only producer of MicroMV tapes, did not allow for their tapes to be edited on mainstream software, nor did any other electronics manufactures sell MicroMV camcorders, resulting in a swift decline into obsolescence. Take our word for it though, despite its short-lived presence on the market, and judging by the number of MicroMV tapes converted to digital and DVD at EachMoment, people still have bundles of MicroMV tapes occupying space around the home.

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