DVD to Digital and USB

DVD to digital online album and USB memory stick

EachMoment are expert digitisers of DVD, as well as all other disc types including Blu-Ray and Ultra HD.

Our Memory Box system is the safest and easiest way to digitise DVD in the UK.

  • Free collection and re-delivery by the UK’s most secure courier.
  • Free cleaning and restoration by our team of specialists.
  • Free crush-proof Memory Box.

How to digitise your DVDs

1. Fill up a Memory Box

• The crush-proof Memory Box arrives on your doorstep the day after you make an order.

• You fill it with your old DVDs, other disc types, and much more. If you’re curious, check out everything else that we digitise.
• When you feel ready, we collect it via the UK’s safest courier for free.

2. We digitise

Our lab’s specialist restoration team safely clean & repair every disc that needs attention for free.

• We safely digitise your memories to the best possible quality. Choose to enjoy them on memory stick, a fresh set of DVDs, or online album.

• The same high-security courier returns your Memory Box with your safely preserved digital memories, as well as your old media.

3. Enjoy your digital memories

Now you can easily share and relive precious memories on any digital device, such as smartphone, tablet, computer, or TV.

• Laugh and cry when you get to see and hear old times and old faces brought to life again.
• Feel secure knowing that your memories are safe forever. They will look as good in a hundred years as they do on the day they’re digitised, ready to be passed down the generations.

A Brief History of DVD

DVD rental store

DVDs will likely be a brief footnote in the history of digital viewing, burning bright and fast. DVDs rapidly conquered the world of movie watching previously dominated by VHS tapes when they arrived on the commercial market in 1997. But while VHS held ground for almost 25 years as the most popular format, DVD and Blu-ray discs saw rapid declines after only 10 years. This can be largely attributed to the meteoric rise of streaming services like Netflix, the current giant of home-theatre.

But laser-disc technology has been around since the late 1970s, although in a slightly different guise to the familiar CD and DVD devices we recognise today. Once this technology was refined, it could accommodate huge amounts of data. The output brought image and sound to life in far better quality than VHS tapes, making it ideal for full-length films. Optical disc media saw the development of a variety of similar formats, specialised to hold different kinds of data, including CDs, mini-DVDs and Blu-ray.

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